Unlocking Your Superpowers

Did you know this year a total of eight Marvel and DC Superhero movies will be released? We seem to have a fascination with ordinary…


Did you know this year a total of eight Marvel and DC Superhero movies will be released? We seem to have a fascination with ordinary human beings who somehow acquire super human abilities and go on to save the world. While these stories are certainly fictional don’t you secretly desire to have a superpower of your own?

We all want to transcend the ordinary and feel alive. We want to feel valued and respected. We want to attract safety and a sense of belonging. We want love. And we want to be rewarded financially. We imagine that once these needs are met we would then have freedom.

So most of us spend our whole lives searching for the superpower that will provide us with the freedom we desire. We see other people who are doing well and we want to be like them. So we spend thousands of dollars in schools, seminars, and workshops to learn skills we believe will save us only to be disappointed later.

Why does it seem so hard to find your superpower?

I believe it’s because superpowers are actually hard to describe and articulate. You see it’s not just a matter of being good at a task like selling printers or teaching tennis. Below the surface you have an innate way of BEING that allows you to do those tasks with ease and success. The sales person might be able to make people feel comfortable and the tennis teacher might have an excellent understanding of the human body and be able to see how the student can move more efficiently. These are superpowers and they are translatable into a wide variety of situations.

You have superpowers. You were born with them and you will keep discovering ways to use them your entire life.

You may not be aware of your own superpowers because you were taught to value the skills you acquired through hard work, sweat and tears. The truth is that your superpowers are found in the activities you do with ease and joy.

I’ll share my own superpowers with you. I am very good at painting. The reason for this is that I have the ability to mix colors and create compositions that are pleasing. What I’m really doing is feeling the relationship between colors (or ideas) and sensing possible combinations and outcomes. I am a relator. I use this superpower in painting, coaching and being a mom.

Another superpower of mine is the ability to bring out self expression in others. On the surface this looks like being a good listener, but underneath I am a maximizer. That means I have a sense for greatness. I see what makes other people special and I understand how to motivate and bring it out in others.

You can tap into your own superpowers. The following exercise will help you.

Unlock Your Superpowers Exercise

1. Make three separate lists of the following a) things you know you are good at b) things you love to do and c) things your friends and family say you’re good at.

2. For each item on every list ask yourself what makes you so good at that activity. What do you understand about it that other people don’t?

3. Compare your lists to find the common themes throughout.

Sometimes it takes a while to fully grasp how awesome you are. Take whatever you learn from this exercise and go play. Allow your inspiration to guide you as to how you might use your talents by just getting out there and trying something new.

Super Heroes Unite! Share your superpowers below. Maybe someone who reads this will need your talents.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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