Work with me

Cultivate more self-love, more ease in your relationships, and more enjoyment of life as you awaken to your true self.

1:1 support for women


private coaching

Individual attention

When we work together I tune in to you and your energy to offer specific guidance that will resonate, motivate, and challenge you to step into the highest version of you.

container for growth

Healing and growth happens inside the container of safe relationships. I provide a non-judgmental, loving space for you to explore and express your deepest hurts and bring them to the light.

guidance when you need it

Life happens when you least expect it. You need support in navigating through both the big events as well as the day to day nuances of being human. I’ll be there for you.


TIMELINE: Response in 72 HOURS


You need support around one specific circumstance and you’re looking for a fresh perspective from someone who knows what you’re going through, who can help you get energetically aligned very quickly, and provide you with some strategies to move forward.

What you get:

* One email from carey
* soul aligned answers for up to three questions
* tailored action plan for your next steps



You want balance, but sometimes life feels like a roller coaster ride. Encouragement is your thing and you could benefit from regular check ins that keep you on track, in flow, and connected to your highest self so you can handle the triggers of life with full awareness, in a state of love and grace.

What you get:

* One zoom call with carey
* access to unlimited voxer support including text + voice messaging


$1900 (payment plans available)

You’re in a state of transition, ready to shed the conditioned beliefs that don’t fit you anymore and step into a way of living that allows you to be fully open and vulnerable while receiving the highest forms of love, freedom, and abundance. You want someone on your team who can hold the vision of who you are at your core (your highest truth) as you step into unknown territory, and turn the darkness over to the light. You are ready to do the work and be the Wayshower, an example of love, connection, and healing for your family, friends, community, and the planet.

What you get:

* 12 weekly zoom calls with carey
* access to unlimited voxer support including text + voice messaging
* relevant personal assignments between calls


Get to the root of the issue

What I like about working with Carey is, she helps get to the root of an issue, which also facilitates the steps I can take to heal it. She is gentle and compassionate. Also, the answers are usually something I can do, and she honors my own intuition which is very important to me.
Sophia S.

I have already seen a shift.

Carey has a beautiful and very gentle way of reminding me that it all starts within. I have already seen a shift from day 2 … and it really has shown me how connection to yourself first is always the key to life itself! Carey is an excellent connection guide with SO much love to give as well, and you will FEEL it so much!
Phylicia C.