How to Move Past Procrastination

Is procrastination helping you or hurting you? Procrastination is your ego’s way of trying to save your life. No really. I believe procrastination is a…

move past procrastination

Is procrastination helping you or hurting you?

Procrastination is your ego’s way of trying to save your life. No really. I believe procrastination is a tactic used by the ego to postpone you from doing something that feels risky. It’s actually a sneaky form of resistance.

Here’s what I mean. When you procrastinate you’re not exactly saying “no”, you’re just saying “not right now”. Sounds simple enough, right? You will do what you promised or you will do what you know you should do, but you’ll do it later. Presently you are choosing something else, something that feels better. The problem comes when you continue this pattern you get a little knot in your stomach because deep down you know you’re messing things up for your future. I know procrastination, I’ve done it plenty of times (true confession).

Procrastination stems from a lack of confidence. If you are unclear and unsure about the action you’re supposed to take, you will naturally want to step back and take some time to analyze the situation. It may feel safer to gather more information or more opinions before taking action, but the energy of this is telling the Universe you are simply not confident in your abilities in the situation. If you were, you would have taken the action by now.

There are many ways we procrastinate. Gathering more information is one. Another is distraction. Anytime you have a big project to work on you can bet someone or something will suddenly need your attention. Another way is to move v..e..r..y.. s..l..o..w.. When you move slow it feels like you’re making progress but three hours later you find yourself still in the same spot, working on something that really should have only take 20 minutes. Sound familiar?

If you’re feeling stuck, listen up. You have everything you need right now to move past procrastination.

Today’s tips come straight to you from our little friend the roadrunner who always knows how to keep things moving.

Wisdom of the Roadrunner for Overcoming Procrastination

Mental alertness – Let’s get that brain moving in the right direction. The roadrunner is always alert. He makes quick decisions and encourages you to do the same. Make a quick list of five reasons to get started right now.

Speedy action – What if your life depended on you doing something right now? The roadrunner knows that if he delays he may get eaten by a predator. Make a challenge for yourself. How quickly can you gather your supplies and take one action toward your goal? Ready? GO!

Right use of sound – You can use sound to your benefit. The roadrunner uses many different sounds to attract or repel depending on what is in his environment. The sound of your own voice can also influence your environment. Declare your intentions to take action out loud. This will shift the energy in and around you and move you past procrastination.

What do you need to move past today? Are you willing to use these tips right now or are you feeling resistance to them? Would you like to talk through what you’re feeling? I help people just like you let go of resistance and start following their dreams.  Let’s get you moving right now, okay?


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