Love and Connection 

I’m here to help you raise your feelings of self worth so you can invite in a healthy, soul fulfilling relationship.

Connection is the energetic link between all things. It exists only in the present moment. Think about a time when you were feeling tuned in and alive with passion, focused on your immediate surroundings and time seemed to slip away…

What is the secret to love and connection?

The answer might surprise you

Because most people spend their whole life trying to avoid this….FEELING YOUR FEELINGS.

You may have heard this before but have you actually tried to sit with the pain of

* a break up

* your fears

* your lonelieness

* your insecurities?

These feelings aren’t actually “bad”. They are simply pointing you to the places inside yourself where you reject your self worth and your perfect divine nature.

Why feel your feelings?


When you acknowledge what you feel and embrace your feelings, you lessen your resistance to your situation and your inner child feels safe and protected.

The time is now


To connect to your soul and open your heart to accept and love your WHOLE self, regardless of your past. You are worthy of being deeply loved right now.

When you deeply connect to your soul you can

Raise your consciousness

Heal the wounds of the past

Transform relationships

Your Guide

Carey is a certified Soul Connection Guide with Relationship Reinvented. She has the ability to see and hear your soul’s truth underneath the stories that the mind presents and the way the body reacts in conversation. Clients often describe her presence as calming and nonjudgmental.

Her own journey into self-realization began over 20 years ago when she began to seek healing for depression and ill health. Carey found she could detox her body and learn how to manifest a better reality.

In 2018 the Universe delivered a new learning experience in the form of a Twin Flame that completely rearranged Carey’s understanding of soul connections and deepened her connection to God. Her life’s mission since this time has been to help others deepen their relationships with their bodies, their soul, and others.

Curious about the process?


Book a free Connection Breakthrough Call to find out how you can heal your emotional trauma, raise your feelings of self worth and welcome in the love you’ve been waiting for. What have you got to lose?

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Love from the Community

I’d been struggling for years to find my purpose in life after turning 50. The usual methods I’d used in the past just did not reach the level of where my joy was residing. Working with Carey, I discovered an even more meaningful life purpose and work purpose and my happiness has been restored and renewed.  I am filled with joy, energy, and direction because of her unique talents.

Lori Zurcher

No one has gently pushed me into my world of owning my truth and living my passion more than you, Carey! Thank you for all you have done for me and for the world. Because you encouraged me to share my stories you have vicariously touched the lives of others too. You are amazing!!

Sophia Simo

I started juicing to help my daughter’s health. She has chronic Lyme disease with severe stomach pain, nausea, cramping. After months of trying to figure out what’s wrong we were directed toward juicing, specifically your book. We tried the 3-day cleanse and her symptoms went away! We have now Incorporated juicing as part of her daily diet with success!

Lisa West Fielding

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