How to Release Resistance

@#*$=! Some days feel like that, right? You know what I’m talking about, those days when you wake up late, don’t have time for a…

How to release resistance


Some days feel like that, right? You know what I’m talking about, those days when you wake up late, don’t have time for a green juice, can’t find the keys to take the kids to school and when you finally sit down to work on some really cool [ insert your really cool project idea here ] you’re just frustrated and totally in a headspace that won’t allow for creativity or any kind of productive functioning. For me this usually happens the day after said really cool project idea pops into my head and I decide to make it a reality. Can you relate? What’s going on?

This is a case of classic resistance. It can take many forms, basically anything that distracts you from following through with your intentions to create something wonderful in your life.  My favorite distraction is the family member or friend who calls you at the worst possible moment but you pick up the phone anyway, only to learn that they need your help with something and two seconds later you hear yourself say, “Sure I can help with that!” What? Though you may not even realize it, you’re creating resistance.

Resistance is stopping the flow of allowing your desire to manifest. When you find yourself in this type of situation it is because you are not vibrationally aligned to the outcome you had originally intended. Why would you resist the the outcome you really really want? Well, something about your desire and intention is bringing up a fear inside of you.

The true calling card of resistance is negative emotion. If you’re feeling negative about a situation then you are resisting something about it. Fear creates the resistance. What could you be afraid of in a situation that you originally thought you wanted?

I’ve identified five types of resistance (fears):

1. Fear of being seen.

Anytime you create, grow or change something about yourself or your business you will be noticed and you actually need to be noticed in order to attract new business or even friends or romantic partners. This fear is really present to keep you from getting hurt by the other 4 fears.

2. Fear of rejection/failure.

This is the fear that if you build it they won’t come, or if you ask they will say no. Blood sweat and tears, heart and soul reduced to an insignificant speck.

3. Fear of being wrong/looking like a fool.

Just when all eyes are on you, expecting you to do something really great, you flop and everybody laughs, and someone video records the whole thing which ends up on youtube the next day.

4. Fear of success.

Yes you heard that one right – if you were to actually succeed with your project and you became hugely successful that would bring up a whole new set of variables and unknowns for which you may feel unprepared and subconsciously hold yourself back.

5. Being on the wrong path.

It could be that the project/path you’re trying to follow really isn’t calling your soul but you’re trying to push through anyway because someone told you it was a good idea. What you’re really doing is avoiding your true path because you either don’t know what your true path is or you feel one or more of the types of resistance above.

So let’s imagine that you are in full resistance mode right now. In order to make your dream happen you need to make a sales call, write this a blog post, create some products to sell, or go workout. You begin to feel the little child within you rise up and throw a temper tantrum (internally of course, as you would never lay down on the floor and start kicking and screaming, right?). Pushing harder to solve your problem isn’t working, because that is acknowledging that you have a problem/resistance. The key is to release the resistance and get back into alignment with ease and joy. This shifting of energy will allow the right solution to present itself to you.

How to let go of resistance

When you resist you literally block the flow of energy running through your mind, body, and soul. The height of resistance is panic and it feels like you might just die right here on the spot (you won’t of course but you’re dramatic like that, it’s one of your best/worst qualities). Remember this:

Resistance is a temporary state.

There is no way you can be in resistance forever. This too shall pass. Let’s look at some ways in which you can relax back into allowance.

1. Surrender and let it out.

Your blocked energy is still in your body looking for a way out. Let it out by crying, yelling (not at your loved ones or yourself) or moving your body by walking or running. This gets the energy to start flowing again.

2. Get present.

Fear and worry live in the past and the future. You exist in the now. You are a living breathing beautiful being. Feel it. Hold your body. Hug yourself until you feel a deep sigh of relief. Alternatively place one hand on your chest and one on your abdomen and feel your body as it breathes and supports life. You are life. That is all you need right now. The rest is temporary.

3. Go general.

Law of Attraction experts Abraham Hicks says, “If you don’t feel good but you want to, it is because you are too specific.” In other words if your thoughts about accomplishing your goal bring you negative emotions then you are too tied to the outcome happening in a specific way. Let’s suppose that you wish to attract new business of $10000 per month but you are resisting making the calls. You want to feel good but this amount of money is causing stress. You can shift this energy by simply feeling the way you want to feel. Create statements that feel good and are true for you such as “I love to receive income.” “I love to receive.” “Helping people is fun.” “I welcome more fun, it makes me smile.” “Smiling is my favorite.”

4. Exercise faith.

There is a greater power in the Universe supporting us at all times. You do not need to know all of the answers to your problems to have them resolved. You are eternally loved and cared for and when you realize that you are so worth this love the fear begins to melt away.

Most importantly I want to remind you to just be YOU. I believe all resistance stems from the idea that you may not be good enough. Oh, but you are! Resistance will pass. You will still be you and you still have the same wonderful talents and potential as ever!

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