How to Make a Difference in the World

If there’s one message I can share with you to supply the number one reason why you should follow your dreams it is this: The…

how to make a difference

If there’s one message I can share with you to supply the number one reason why you should follow your dreams it is this:

The world is literally not as good without YOU showing up. REALLY.

(that means the true you with all your ideas, talents, preferences).

You can make a difference in this world, just by being you. But you can’t do it by sitting on the couch all day. I know sometimes you may want to stay in your own little world and you may think that no one will miss you if you’re not around, but it’s JUST NOT TRUE! Everything that has taken shape in this world is a result of someone showing up and doing their thing.

It’s easy to stay hidden. It’s easy to not do the work, to not express yourself. Maybe it’s fun to sleep in for a day, but the longer you avoid your true calling the deeper the ache becomes because you can’t hide from your soul forever.

Here’s what it takes to show up and make a difference:

  1. Get clear on your purpose. What drives you? When you have an emotional connection to your dream, you’re much more likely to follow through. Practice stating your “why” aloud and if you don’t know your purpose, schedule a Soul Purpose Clarity Session with me.
  2. Ask yourself why you are resisting. Maybe you are really too tired today to do that thing you need to do, but why did you allow yourself to get too tired in the first place? There is usually some underlying resistance if you dig deep enough.
  3. Question what the consequences would be if you didn’t share your talents or business or love with the world. Who needs you today? (Including yourself) Who might suffer if you don’t show up? This question isn’t meant to pressure you so if you feel pressure when reading it, you have some underlying resistance and fear.
  4. When you do show up, give value to others and yourself. What you you value? Give that.
  5. Charge money for your genius. The world values money, that’s just how it works. When you put a value on your offerings people begin to take notice and when people pay for your services they they are more likely to value you and also themselves which leads to transformation. Ahhhh! (Angel choir singing!)
  6. Stay playful and curious. All dynamic leaders and change makers of the world are curious. Ask “What would happen if I…?”

And if nothing else, do it for you, because you’re incredible and YOU CAN! (It also feels so good!)

You don’t have to create an epic masterpiece every time you show up. You are allowed to be just okay sometimes. But do show up. You never know who might need you today or what good fortune awaits you if you do.

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