Tell me if this sounds familiar. You have a plan to lose weight, get healthy, start a business, find a new relationship (or rekindle a current one). You know what you want to attract and you have clarity. Everything starts off great, you see some progress and you’re feeling very hopeful. Then all of a sudden things start to feel difficult again. You’re using your willpower and pushing to reach your goals, but you’re not getting the results you want. What’s happening?

Literally what’s happening is that you’ve stopped the flow of energy. I call it Divded Energy. Somewhere inside you have a little bit of fear or some indecision about your goal. What if you made a mistake? What if you never reach the goal? What if you did get what you really, really wanted, how would your life be different? Who might feel threatened if you reach your goal? So you pull back a little bit.

Even if you take the same actions that you took last week when everything was going well, you won’t get the same results. It’s all about your energy, your state of mind, and how you show up, not just what actions you take. I’ve seen this happen time and time again with people who are trying to lose weight. They lose a lot of weight in the beginning, they’re really excited, but then they reach a certain point that feels uncomfortable, like losing any more weight would be too good to be true and they don’t even know if they deserve it. That creates Diveded Energy.

“When your energy about something is divided, you can never achieve the results you want.”

How to shift your energy and commit:

  1. Make a decision. Decide now whether or not you really, really want to achieve your goal. Decide that you are worth it. Let go of other options and only allow one outcome to be your destiny.
  2. Step toward the fear. Don’t pull back. Jump in with your whole self. You’ve decided there is only one way to go. So go.
  3. Believe in what’s on the other side. You deserve all the joy and freedom you desire. Have faith that even though you may not see it right now with your eyes, the results you desire are always in reach. Always.
  4. Celebrate yourself. Right here, right now, where you are on the journey. You’re awesome and that’s not going to change!

Fear stops the flow. Anytime you’re feeling stuck ask yourself where you’re holding back, where you have Divided Energy. Need some help getting unstuck? Let’s talk!

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