7 Day Energy Shift Challenge

for more love and abundance in your life

    Shift the unconscious energy that blocks you from healthy love and greater abundance.

    Join me for a divine week of embodying new possibilities! Connect to your inner wisdom and learn how to shift your energy quickly. You’ll experience greater amounts of clarity, balance, and self awareness to call in what you truly desire and actually have it appear!

    Instant access when you join!

    Hi, I’m Carey Avalon certified Soul Connection Guide and I’m here to help YOU shift and transform your life!


    Every day for 7 days you’ll receive:


     A video training each day on a common energy block

     A daily challenge you can embody to shift the energy block NOW

     A conscious and connected Facebook Community of awakening souls supporting you every step of the way!


    Ready to shift your energy and call in more love and abundance together?



    Every time you decide, you shift. Choose who you want to be and you will shift into that version of yourself.  

    – Bentinho Massaro

    Messages from the community

    My biggest struggle I believe in life in general was receiving. I had always forgotten that I could just ask for what I needed and it would appear. The trauma I have been through since childhood has made me forget, but this challenge has greatly reminded me again that I am worthy of receiving all that I want and ALL of what I need. The videos in this challenge are sure to lead you right to connection with yourself.

    I’ve tried consultations before that suggested surface level and watered down ideas (such as so-called “law of attraction” quick fixes) that didn’t hit my core exactly where I could actually FEEL myself again. Carey’s challenge has a beautiful and very gentle way of reminding me that it all starts within. I have already seen a shift from day 2 on this challnge and it really has shown me how Connection to yourself first is always the key to life itself! Carey is an excellent connection guide with SO much love to give as well, and you will FEEL it so much just by watching her videos! I am forever grateful for her beautiful and warm energy and the help I’ve received from her so far.

    Phylicia C.

    Shift into more love and abundance!

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