hey sensitive soul


If you want to show up more powerfully in the world, it’s time to heal and reintegrate those emotional wounds and love ALL of yourself.

The purpose of your journey is to restore yourself to wholeness.

Have you felt like this?

  • You’re ready to expand and you can feel the next level you is SO close, but things tend to fall apart just as it gets good. Something is missing.
  • You KNOW you deserve the best and you have high standards but you’re beginning to question if your expectations are too high. Something is missing.
  • You’re deeply sensitive, passionate, and creative yet you don’t always show it because people don’t seem to “get” you. Something is missing.
  • You find it hard to enjoy the moment when there is so much that needs to get done so you can have your perfect future. Something is missing.

The REAL REASON you feel as though something is missing is because you’re neglecting parts of yourself that want to be accepted.

WITHOUT FEELING CONNECTED to your whole self, anything you try to achieve in life will FEEL MEANINGLESS and empty.

You might even get STUCK BEFORE you make your BIG IMPACT in the world and be tempted to GIVE UP.

Are you ready to


who you really are?

If you are

truly ready to step into wholeness, feel more power, purpose, peace and pleasure…

You can either keep doing what you’ve been doing and keep repeating the same dysfunctional patterns….


You can embrace the parts of you that are neglected and need your love so you can feel whole and worthy of your desires and have the power to create them.


Never have to dim your light because you feel unworthy, unwelcome, or too much.

What if you could wake up in the morning and fully CHOOSE to use your voice and your talents in any way that feels good to you. You can’t be stopped because of the fear of what other people might think. You say what is on your mind because you believe in yourself and know that your opinions matter and you can help others by sharing them. You’re fully expressed and living your purpose.

You make yourself a priority because it feels good. And feeling good is your right. Play is your creative muse and laughter is how you feel connected to others. Gratitude and generosity flow because YOU have found yourself. Loving your light and your darkness gives you strength. This is unconditional love; That thing you have been searching for your entire life, and now you understand everything.

I have just what you need



A three week journey to uncover your hidden obstacles, heal your emotional wounds, and embrace ALL of yourself so you can feel worthy of the life you desire and empower yourself to create it.

  • 3 LIVE virtual trainings that will be recorded + 1 LIVE Q & A
  • Weekly workbooks to assist you in your transformation
  • Conscious and intentional SPACE to feel energetically seen and accepted

When you join, you’ll have access to these transformational live virtual trainings:

Nov 22

Wounding: Uncover your core patterns and root cause so you know where you STOP

The secrets to your blocks lie in the subconscious patterns you have acquired through experiences that caused you to feel unsafe. When you uncover these blocks and beliefs you’ll have an a-ha moment and your life will suddenly start to make sense.

Nov 29

PROTECTION: Learn your signature coping mechanisms that are either helping you or hurting you

You have inner protectors that are trying to keep you safe but often they end up hijacking your system and hiding your strengths and your joy. Learn to identify your inner motivators and how to communicate with them so you can begin to tear down your fortress and feel at peace.

Dec 6

integration: Get to know your greater self through a guided healing session

In the third training you’ll practice an embodied compassionate technique to finally heal your emotional wounds and merge all aspects of your self. When you do, your Greater Self can step forth and guide you with confidence through anything you may encounter.

Dec 9

Q & A: closing CONVERSATION AND celebrationS

Bring your favorite drinks and snacks to this informal session together as we share insights and celebrations and practice showing up as our full authentic WHOLE selves. This is the perfect time to ask me anything and get some coaching.



I’m a fellow Wayshower, on my own journey to healing and enlightenment for myself and others. Self connection has been my most valuable tool in embracing my own wholeness and power and I’m so happy to share this process with you!

This isn’t just a program, it’s a key 🔑 to unlock your freedom and success.

Starts November 22


embrace it all

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Focus and Flow: Journal Prompts

Embrace self leadership, creativity, and intuition in this six week audio series. Each week you will be guided into deeper levels of connection and self trust as you write what is really in your heart.


In this four week audio series you’ll uncover the superpowers you didn’t even know you had and learn how to turn them into your life’s purpose so you can improve your life and make a big impact in the world.

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