Creating a Vision for the Future

When I was little I wanted to be an architect because I loved to imagine and draw my future home. I knew it would be…


When I was little I wanted to be an architect because I loved to imagine and draw my future home. I knew it would be a brick home and I knew where all the windows would be placed. I even designed the landscaping and picked out the perfect plants to compliment the whole aesthetic.

As a kid this seemed like a perfectly natural thing to do, not a luxury, not a waste of time, but a necessary and exciting investment in my future. Many of my dreams eventually came true, though they appeared in slightly different ways. I became an abstract geometric artist rather than an architect. I bought a one story brick home rather than a two story and I was very involved in the landscaping of my home.

The vision I created all those years earlier became my blueprint, my guide for recognizing opportunities and making decisions. Looking forward to the next phase in my life I have a new vision to act as my guide, which I will share below.

Creating a Vision: My Perfect Day

I awake from the comfiest bed ever to sunlight streaming in my window and a cool breeze touching my skin. Still wrapped in my sheets I greet the day by feeling grateful for all the wonderful people, activities, and opportunities in my life.

My morning routine includes a green juice or lemon water, then walking the dog, making lunches and driving my son to school (until he has his own car, which he envisions in three years time!) I get in a quick and easy nature walk, then home for a cleansing shower followed by breakfast of eggs and toast.

In preparation for my work of the day I meditate or listen to my brain entrainment videos which raise my levels of energy, attraction and efficiency. It is now 10 am. I may have a client session or team member meeting scheduled or I may look to my Kanban board and pick an option to begin working on. My team is so amazing, helping me build my lifestyle brand, fulfilling my mission of helping people feel happy and find their place in this world. Every day I get to explore, create and serve my Soul Rebels.

Three hours later and lunch is served at my favorite outdoor cafe. I am so blessed to be joined by the love of my life and sometimes a good friend to eat, laugh, and discuss our latest spiritual synchronicities or whatever crazy ideas have recently popped into our heads.

With a happy heart and a full tummy I switch gears for a couple of hours and get into something creative. I might do some writing for my next book or go out to my studio,turn on some music and paint. Sometimes I do this in the evenings instead, because I like to be in the flow of my life and follow the inspiration as it comes to me.

Evenings mean quiet and comfort with my family. I might cook something yummy or I’ll let my boys do the cooking or maybe we’ll go out. Afterward a glass of wine, some classic jazz tunes (or maybe flamenco). If the timing is just right and we’re close enough to the ocean, then an evening stroll on the beach is a must. Or perhaps just a walk through the neighborhood.

Finally we love to have an hour of together time in the evenings so we might spend time talking, playing a game, reading, watching a movie or whatever our schedule and desires call us to do.

Do you have a clear vision for your future?

Many of my clients come to me only knowing that they want to make enough money to be comfortable and that they want to be happy but no specific vision of how that will manifest.

If you want to create your dream life, it’s important that you direct your thoughts specifically.

Every day you manifest by your thoughts and feelings whether you realize it or not. Look around at your world today. It was created by your dominant thoughts. I invite you to do the exercise above for yourself and create a vision of your own perfect day. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? How are you making an impact on the world?

Share below at least one thing you know you really really want to have in your perfect day.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge.

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