Creating Independence with Intention


One of my biggest challenges around freedom, as I mentioned before is learning how to balance responsibility with desires. Can you relate to this? You want to have freedom to do extraordinary things, to travel whenever you want or to choose your adventures without having to limit yourself. But you most likely will need money to do so right?

You know you must take action to bring in an income. That doesn’t have to mean working hard doing something you really don’t like but it does mean focusing your time in the right way to bring about and manifest opportunities for you to live the kind of life you want to live.

Independence isn’t doing your own thing; It’s doing the right thing on your own. ~ Kim John Payne

If you’re wondering what the right thing is, you’re not alone. Most of my clients come to me looking for the right path that will lead the to the success and happiness they desire. The right path or the right thing will be different for everyone.

It’s all about balance.

Everything in the Universe seeks balance. The right path for you will include a certain balance of life and work. Some amount of structure is necessary for you to flow with ease and still maintain some stability.

The following questions are designed to help you gain some clarity around your path and what it looks like for you.

Creating Independence with Intention

1. What is important to you? What do you value most? (values are concepts such as creativity, community, excellence, nature, or playfulness)

2. Where are three places you dream of visiting or moving to (where you can incorporate your values)

3. What type of working environment and schedule will you need to create in order to get you to your desired lifestyle and location?

4. How will you maintain your life/work balance in the future?

To help you get started I will describe my ideal path toward independence. I value nature, creativity, and connection. My ideal locations for a vacation or living environment would be a small oceanside town, a cottage in a small town in France or a mountainside home in an active community (or all three!) In order to create such an environment for myself I am willing to focus my efforts on serving my ideal clients whom I will communicate with via internet and phone. This means setting up systems and a team in my business. I imagine working weekdays 10-5 until my system runs smoothly at which point I can cut the hours back to long mornings with afternoons and weekends free to make things and go on adventures.

What intentions do you have for creating independence and what does your work-life balance look like? Remember everyone’s path is different and that is perfectly okay. Share below!


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Choosing Your Adventure


When your alarm sounded this morning how did you greet the day? Did you choose to  be glad, get up, and get going? Or did you choose to hit the snooze a few times and have an attitude of dread? Just for the record I mostly choose to wake up right away but stay in bed for a few moments as I feel my way into happiness and set some intentions for the day.

Every morning that you wake up is like being born again. The past is over. New adventures await. What you do today is what matters most, as the Buddha said.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and we all have a universal purpose in life. Our purpose is to experience life and sort through the contrast to find our place in the world and become who we really are.

We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.

Adventure is what happens when you remain open and curious about life and take action according to what feels most exciting in each moment. Your version of adventure is different than mine and that’s how it should be.

What excites you right now?

What have you been wanting to do but neglected because the timing wasn’t right or because you “should” be doing other things? My challenge for you is to follow your excitement and joy today. Have an adventure.

My joy for today was getting back on the hiking trail. It’s been so hot in Arizona, but this morning was cool so I went out for about an hour and it truly felt like being home. Nature welcomed me and had new things to show me. Inspiration whispered in my ear and I witnessed some amazing views of my city.  After, I stopped at the Uptown Farmer’s Market to pick up some greens and I found a really cool tea vendor with a Zen kind of vibe who had the most heavenly flavors so I picked up a bag.

This is my kind of spur of the moment adventure. What’s yours? Share below and then of course – go out and actually do it!


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Beating Procrastination and Overwhelm


Overwhelm happens when you’ve envisioned a dream but aren’t quite up to speed with the vibration necessary to manifest it. The feeling can quickly turn into distraction and procrastination, two methods your monkey mind uses to keep you away from the discomfort of not feeling ready for your dreams.

I want you to know that you and your dreams belong together. It’s important to find your flow so that when obstacles present themselves you are able to make peace with them and keep moving in the direction of your dreams. You don’t need to figure it all out ahead of time. Let the Universe do that for you. Watch my video series Find Your Flow to learn my process for manifesting your dreams.

It’s not your job to see the entire path in front of you. Take one step every day in the direction of joy.

Sometimes the action you need to take doesn’t appear as joy on the surface, it appears more as work or a burden you carry. That is simply a judgement your mind has placed on your task. Let that go and think of this: How will you feel once you’ve taken the step and followed through on the action? Will that feel like joy? If yes, then it is most definitely the next step on your path.

Simple steps build momentum.

I have a challenge for you to help you break the cycle of procrastination and overwhelm. First think about one goal you would really like to achieve. Next write down what is one action you could take every day for the next thirty days to create momentum? Think of this as a daily practice session toward BEING the person you really want to be in your ideal world.

To get you started I will share my plan for the next thirty days. My goal is to build my tribe of advocates, followers, believers and supporters. Each day I plan to personally reach out to one person to connect and learn more about them. This will help me to better understand my tribe and what they need.

How will you build momentum in the next thirty days? Perhaps you would benefit by experiencing some quiet time, creative time or connecting time. By engaging your mind, body and soul every day you can build good habits that help you manifest your dreams with ease. Share your intentions below.


P.S. Would you like to join a community of smart, sensitive seekers like you who are practicing these success building habits? The Good Vibes Soul Circle is the place to be!

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Finding Your Tribe

daymond john quote

It is my strongly held belief that we all want to find that place where we belong, with a group of people who understand and share our interests and with whom we feel free to express our most sacred thoughts.

We want a tribe.

Seth Godin, entrepreneur and marketer for the digital age describes a tribe as “a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. . . A group only needs two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

Tribes inspire.

There is power when two or more people come together for solitary purpose. When the thoughts and energy of a group of people are directed together they merge to form a “master mind” where inspiration can flow freely and from there manifest into the tangible.

The energy of a tribe has no physical boundaries.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich created an interesting way to connect to the energy of a tribe even when they weren’t physically present. He practiced the art of imagining people who inspired him most (living or dead). During an imagination session Napoleon would ask this Invisible Council as he called it, to provide insight and help him solve a problem in ways that he alone could not accomplish.

I have my own Invisible Council. My council is made up of spiritual gurus, business leaders, free thinkers and creative geniuses. You can probably guess at least one person on this list – Dr. Wayne Dyer. He was the person who guided me out of my depression and into a world of intention and peace.

Today I want to share with you the name of one other person on my Invisible Council. I share this with you today because I desire to move my life actively into a direction that has called my soul for quite some time. I am an artist, a maker. And I desire to expand my business beyond coaching and speaking into a bigger ideal of creating an entire lifestyle brand. The person on my council who best represents this ideal is Daymond John.

A tribe needs leaders.

There are three reasons why Daymond John is one leader I feel aligned with.

1. His ideas are simple and obvious. While this may not appear to be a compliment on the surface, I believe Daymond’s power skill is seeing the essence of an idea or a person and transforming it into a plan that makes sense (and cents).

2. He is a creative genius. Daymond understands how to take raw materials (ingredients, ideas, people) and combine them in such a way that is new, unexpected and on point. From his early days sewing hats to his global marketing and motivational brand of today, Daymond has always been pushing the boundaries of whats possible.

3. He is sensitive and compassionate. Again, some people might not see this as a business strength but I believe these are traits that make him relatable and likable. I’m sure he would also say that sensitivity and compassion help him to be a good judge of character when making investments.

“Mentors, by far, are the most important aspects of businesses.” – Daymond John

In the spirit of an Invisible Council session I will pose three questions here that I would ask Daymond about starting a business.

My questions for Daymond:

1. When starting a lifestyle brand (mine combines spiritual concepts into personal development and personal care products) what process would I go through to determine my first physical product for offer?

2. My message revolves around finding your life purpose and doing what makes your #soulhappy. What is one good way to be seen and grow my following on social media when my posts seem to get lost in a sea of #neverendinghashtags?

3. What is one important thing to know about getting started in business that most people overlook?

Thanks Daymond!!

Advocates, supporters, believers and followers.

You need these in your tribe. It doesn’t matter if you have a business or not. You will feel more freedom when you align with the people who lift you up, share your ideas, and help you spread your message. And you do have a message.

My challenge to you:

Identify one or two people who would be on your Invisible Council (your own private energy tribe). If you were to meet one of them in person, what would you ask? How can your tribe support you and advocate for you?

Be bold. Start now.

Share you answers below, message me or go ahead and contact the person who inspires you most. They might become part of your tribe.

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Setting Yourself Up for Success


If you’ve read my blog for a while you may know that I call my tribe Soul Rebels. The name came to me during a mastermind session with my own coach and peers a couple of years ago. My coach asked who in the room was a rebel and I was the only one who didn’t raise my hand. She called me on it and made me realize that I was a rebel (freedom loving non-conformist) hiding behind responsibility.

You see all my life I had been the responsible person in my family, at school, at work. I took on that role because I feared what my life might be like without the order and structure. To me responsibility and freedom were opposites and if I’m being quite honest I was afraid of being free (I still am to some extent). I thought what if I love freedom so much that I just run away and never come back?

At the same time I’ve rejected anything that felt too restricting or boring like working a 9-5 job or committing to, well, anything. I know I contradict myself – it’s complicated, but can you relate? In the end I found myself in a state of Chaotic Responsibility. Chaotic Responsibility is the practice of rushing to deal with external problems as they arise in order to feel valuable and productive. This type of responsibility does not move you forward toward your dreams. Instead it gives you some of the highs of freedom and some of the stability of responsibility but it’s really neither.

But there is hope. I’m discovering ways to intentionally be both free and responsible and create success in life and business.

Build structures and systems to support your life so all you have to do is flow.

It’s all about embracing and balancing structure and flow, responsibility and freedom. I’ve been working at creating my own ritual (system) that allows me to get sh*t done while choosing what I want to include in my life.

You may own your own business or work for someone else. You may be a stay at home mom or a single nomad. The Soul Rebel Success Ritual will help you to align yourself with your activity at hand so you can achieve better results.

Soul Rebel Success Ritual

1. Visualize – Spend a few moments visualizing your long term goal or big dream. Really feel as many details as you can and get excited about your future. Then switch to visualizing yourself at the end of today. See yourself completing tasks and feeling accomplished.
2. Prioritize – There are many ways to prioritize your to do list. I prefer to use the Kanban method because it gets all my lists out of my head and presents them as options. Then each day I am free to intentionally choose which projects are most important.
3. Get present – This is a process of removing distractions so you can focus on being productive. Consider all your five senses and your environment and find ways to align them. For instance I love using Focus@will with my headphones to focus my mind. I might work at a clean table with fresh flowers or go to a coffee shop to get away from personal distractions like dishes and laundry.
4. Flow – Let your creativity loose and just do your thing. It’s important to not censor yourself in the creative process. You can go back later to edit your work, but for now just let your soul express itself.
5. Break and Celebrate – The mind can only focus on one thing for so long before it loses efficiency. So I take a break every half hour or so to do something completely different. If I’ve been on the computer then I get up and do something active for about 5-10 minutes. If I’ve been doing a physical activity then I allow myself a few moments to sit and do something in a mental space. At this time I allow myself a treat (whatever that may be) to celebrate.
6. Flow again – In order to keep momentum going, get back to the creative mode and start flowing again. The more you express yourself in a project the more inspiration will come to you. Trust me.

Everyone is different. Your path to success may look different but a good balance of structure and flow is sure to get you there. What structures and rituals do you have to achieve success in your life or business? Or if you don’t currently have any, what about today’s post might you be encouraged to start? Share below!


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