What is a Twin Flame Relationship?

So you think you’re in a Twin Flame relationship or someone has mentioned this to you and now you’re wondering what this stuff is all about. I can relate. I found out about my own Twin Flame Relationship quite by accident soon after a life altering break up. In this article I’ll break down my perspective on this highly fascinating topic from my own experience, research, and intuitive guidance.

At the core a Twin Flame relationship is simply a relationship. In other words it’s a way in which two people are connected. We are all involved in may types of relationships, whether that be family, friends, coworkers, or lovers. Relationships provide the fertile ground that all souls require to grow. Some relationships are short lived. They exist to teach us one particular lesson about ourselves. Other relationships stretch out over time (sometimes lifetimes) with the purpose of helping us transcend a certain recurring issue or trauma. We can enter any of these type of relationships with new souls or souls we’ve met many times before.

How this relationship is different

But the Twin Flame Relationship is different for a couple of reasons. It is primarily different because you and your Twin share the exact same soul blueprint. Some interpret this as one soul splitting in half, but to me the idea that I am only half a soul has never really thrilled me, nor do I feel that I am incomplete on my own. I prefer to think of it as how identical human twins are created. One fertilized egg separates and each grows into a separate human being, whole and complete, with the same genetic makeup. You and your Twin were one soul in the heavenly plane that separated and grew into two whole and complete humans with the same soul blueprint.

The second reason the Twin Flame Relationship is different is because you and your Twin have a specific eternal agreement to help each other achieve unconditional love and enlightenment while also raising the vibrational energy of the planet and helping to shift the paradigm of relationships for the better. That sounds like a daunting task I know, and it is, but you fully consented to this. You are an advanced being and you are fully prepared for this journey, even if it doesn’t feel like that right now.

Among the Twin Flame community there seems to be a common perception that this type of relationship is always and foremost a romantic relationship. While that is often true, the main purpose of a Twin Flame relationship is and always has been to heal the connection we have with ourselves and with God. In this lifetime you and your Twin could have a parent/child relationship. The most famous and perhaps influential Twin Flame relationship in history was the one between Jesus and his mother, the Virgin Mary. They agreed to literally become symbols of unconditional miraculous love for all people throughout eternity. Both were put through challenging situations internally and externally that would test their faith in themselves and God.

That being said, I do believe that most Twin Flame relationships on the planet right now are based on romantic partnerships because the world needs a new template for relating as we bring heaven to earth (New Earth) for a future of peace and harmony.

Why it seems so hard

While you and your Twin share the same soul blueprint, you will possess opposite yin/yang energies that need to be balanced in order for you to have a harmonious relationship. One of you will have more dominant masculine energy and the other feminine. This is not gender specific and either partner may have a masculine or feminine dominance. This applies to same sex couples as well.

You are here to correct your own internal imbalances as well as those between the two of you. But you are also here to correct the ancestral imbalances that have existed in relationships throughout time. Think about the template of relationships that says the man must go out of the house and “hunt” down resources so the family can survive while the woman stays home, waiting for the man to return while caring for the children and making sure the home environment is pleasing. We know this is an outdated way of existing. Women are perfectly capable of securing their own futures and men are also capable of emotional depth and caring for others. Yet we have so few examples of balanced equal partnerships. It is your role as a Twin Soul to be the example for others.

Balancing these energies will happen through a series of coming together and separating with your Twin Flame. You come together because of the natural soul attraction and agreement you have. Because your Twin has your same soul blueprint, he or she is a perfect energetic mirror to you and you to them. In time your fears and core wounds of abandonment, rejection, etc. will be triggered which will force you to separate in order to heal. This is perfectly normal and necessary. After healing you may come together again. This process may happen one or more times until you both have cleared your blocks and imbalances. Every time you heal something within yourself you heal your partner and the planet so indeed this is very important work you are doing.

Feeling the call to something more

Beyond the internal healing work, many Twins feel called to a bigger, more public way of healing the planet. Some, like me, become advocates for helping others reach enlightenment and unconditional love. Some are called to create new companies that will help heal the environment or bring joy to people. Others desire to help raise the vibe of their local community through volunteerism. Any way that you choose to express your love is perfectly acceptable and appreciated.

If you find yourself in a Twin Flame relationship in this lifetime – welcome, congratulations, and thank you! The most important piece of advice I can give is to get support through a private community or mentor like myself. Most people in your current circle will have no way of relating to what you are going through even if they care about you very much and try to help.

Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. You are worth it and you are changing history just by going through this journey.

Five Ways to Manage Your Energy at a Conference

One thing that I find challenging as a highly sensitive person is the feeling of being overwhelmed when I’m attending conferences. At such events you’re constantly exposed to copious amounts of ever changing sights, sounds, and energies. And if you attend personal or professional growth seminars you are also vulnerable to the unexpected emotions that (hopefully) trigger a breakthrough in your life and business.

It’s a lot to handle, especially if you are the type of person that tends to help other people manage their energy. Suddenly you’re thrust into a situation where you feel everyone’s energy and it can be difficult to maintain your sense of peace and confidence when you are exposed to so much.

Recently I turned down some opportunities to attend conferences because I believed it would leave me depleted and exhausted. I knew that from experience because in the past I would try to put on my game face and be like everybody else so I didn’t seem as “less than”. But honestly, I just couldn’t keep up and I would crash. Hard.

However, conferences are great opportunities to learn and grow so I’ve adopted a few new practices to help me stay true to myself and still have a great time.

First let me just say that there are two things to be clear about before you say yes to an event like this. Make sure that you actually want to attend the conference and will benefit from what is being taught. If you’re only mildly interested say no. Period. Next spend some time getting to know the host. Observe how they interact with their tribe and determine whether or not you trust this person. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their philosophy or what you can gain from their event.

Five Ways to Manage Your Energy at a Conference

1. Know that you don’t have to attend EVERY session. Many conferences that I attend involve ten hour days for three straight days. That’s a lot for anybody, but if you’re highly sensitive, you’re especially susceptible to overextending yourself. Look at the schedule beforehand and identify a couple of times that you can take a break if you feel your energy dipping.

2. Create some space for yourself. Introverts need a little bit of alone time to process and recharge. On your breaks, take a walk outside. Sit in the sun or under a shade tree. Find a place with running water or relaxing music and just BE for a few moments.

3. Meet a new friend and have an intimate conversation. When you’re involved and connected with another person you are less likely to be thrown off balance from the energy in the room.

4. Move your body. Energy needs to move. If you’re picking up lots of energy from your surroundings you don’t want to hold that in your body. Let it out. Your event organizer may have a guided movement activity. Join in, rather than worry about how you might look. You’ll feel so much better afterward.

5. Bring a touch of the familiar with you. Keep a photo of your family with you or an object that reminds you of someone you love. Also, you could ask a person close to you to send a “check in” text during your breaks. This will help keep you grounded and remind you of WHY you are attending the conference.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is so important to your growth. You don’t need to miss out on these opportunities simply because they are not designed for the highly sensitive person. You are strong and perfectly capable of adapting so that your next conference is a positive and life changing experience.

How to Use Writing to Get Into the Flow, Open Up Creatively, and Heal Your Soul

We’ve all had experiences of trauma, heartbreak, confusion, missed opportunities and loss. Sometimes it feels as though these events, and the pain, will stay with us forever.

It might feel better to deny the pain, but when pain is denied it doesn’t leave the body and soul. Rather it stays energetically stuck and emerges as various physical and emotional ailments. The energy can’t flow.

A healthy, happy soul flows.

Being in flow means being guided by the source of all things. You may simply call it “being in the zone”. When you’re in flow, there is little resistance to life and even the challenging days don’t seem as difficult.

Artists are connected to flow when they create. Soulful business leaders are connected to flow when they lead. Anyone can be connected to the flow for creativity, abundance, and healing.

What stops us from being in flow?

The ego mind continually seeks out problems or possible problems as a means to keep us safe, or in other words to never experience pain again. But we both know that’s just not possible and so what really ends up happening is we stop participating in life. We shut down our creative side. We quit taking risks. We lose our joy.

Perhaps it’s not as dramatic as that for you. But the ego mind can certainly cause you to feel doubt and confusion. Does your mind ever re-live a situation over and over to “figure it out” and you just feel stuck?

Wayne Dyer used to say that ego stands for Edging God Out. The ego mind disconnects your from your flow.

So how about you get that going again?

One of the best ways I’ve discovered to stay in flow, open up to my creative side, and heal my soul is through writing. It helps me establish a dialogue with my soul and my higher power. I begin to see and understand myself from a new perspective, one of non-judgment and love.

A regular practice of journaling can help you get back into flow. Here are some tips for making your practice successful.

Journaling for Healing Tips

  • Set up a regular time to journal. I prefer to write just before bed. It helps me get all the junk out of my head so I can sleep peacefully.
  • Use pen and paper whenever possible. This creates a physical connection to the activity and makes for a richer experience
  • Use journal prompts to help you access the deeper parts of yourself that are waiting to be expressed (get my list of 25 soulful journal prompts below)
  • Let the thoughts flow from your mind on to the paper. Do not edit. There is no right or wrong
  • Don’t read your journal entries until some time has passed and you no longer feel emotionally charged by the words
  • Keep your journal private. This is a judgment free zone, where you should be free to express yourself in any way you see fit
  • Accept that you are not looking for direct answers to your circumstances but rather a feeling of peace and satisfaction from the writing process itself

In time, a regular practice of writing will help you to trust your authentic self, and accept yourself as whole. This is the true healing we all seek. Don’t forget to get your free journal prompts below.

Three Ways to Nourish the Soul Without Food

You know your body needs to consume food in order to survive. When you were a baby and you sensed that you were hungry, you cried and someone provided you with the nutrients you needed. Each day your body used that nourishment to grow, and now that you are an adult you accept this process of feeding your body with food.

But what about your soul? How does the soul cry for nourishment and how do you feed this aspect of yourself?

I believe the soul speaks to us in many ways. First it speaks as a gentle nudge in the form of an inspired thought. Then it might try to get our attention by lining up with odd occurrences or synchronicities in the world around us. Next we might feel a sense of discomfort in some area of life. And finally, if we don’t answer these calls, the soul will speak to us (cry out) through our own emotions of frustration, anger, sadness, or boredom.

The problem is often compounded by the fact that we just don’t know what to feed the soul. So often people attempt to nourish the soul with food, just as they would feed the body. And this doesn’t solve the problem, it doesn’t make the discomfort go away, so they feed themselves again. Unfortunately this type of emotional eating usually just leads to weight gain and a never ending cycle of unfulfilled needs.

Does this sound familiar to you? Well the first key to changing anything is awareness. If you become aware in those situations of trying to fuel the soul with donuts and pizza, then you can choose another, more soul fulfilling course of action.

When the soul cries it is asking to be nourished with experiences, not things. A salad itself does not fill the soul, but the experience of shopping for ingredients,  preparing a salad with care and sharing that salad with others CAN fill the soul.

If you pay attention to your present surroundings and notice how you feel, you are communicating with your soul and this puts you in a great place to offer your soul the nourishment it wants. You might be surprised to learn that the simplest things are often the most satisfying. The soul after all does not care what kind of car you drive or how much money you make. It is only concerned with with giving and receiving the feelings of love, joy, and peace.

Each individual soul has its own unique preferences as to what they find fulfilling and how they access this love, joy and peace. In my own life I have found three ways to nourish your soul without food.

Three Ways to Nourish Your Soul Without Food

1. Personal reflection – When you take the time to stop fulfilling the needs of the external world and just sit with yourself, in silence, you can often hear the soul speaking. In my experience this practice has helped me to realize, more than once, that I was doing things in my life that really didn’t light me up. Personal reflection has been a great tool in helping me stay aligned with my soul’s purpose.

When can you take some time today to sit in silence, doing nothing? A few moments is all it takes.

2. Self expression – I’ve always been a big advocate of positive self expression in whatever form that takes for each person. I know that when I am making something, whether it be painting, writing, singing, graphic design or speaking, I am tuned into Divine Source. The point of self expression is not money and admiration, but rather a sense of inner fulfillment and bliss. The best aspect of self expression is that the more you open up to express yourself, the more space you create for even more inspiration and creativity to flow. And thus more bliss!

What is one thing you can do today to move some creative energy?

3. Connection and intimacy – I’m not necessarily talking about the moments you spend with a romantic partner. Connection and intimacy is a bond that is formed when you accept and appreciate someone or something for who/what they are. The first requirement for this is to allow yourself to be truly present in the moment (practicing #1 and #2 above can help you get in the moment). One of my favorite ways to practice intimacy is by going out into nature. I keep my eyes and ears open for nearby animals and interesting plants. If something catches my attention I stop to make a connection. You can bet if you do this the animals are also aware of you. Try it.

How can you experience a moment of connection and intimacy today?

Ultimately the soul is easy to please if you just practice feeding it for a few moments each day. I think you’ll find that if you do this, it will improve other areas as well.
How does your soul like to be fed? Share below.

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5 Mistakes That Sabotage a Healthy Happy Life

When it comes to living healthy, there is a plethora of information on the internet, television, magazines and books. You may even have found that many opinions differ on the best ways to create better health.  At best it’s confusing and at worst this information overload can lead to inconsistent and unhealthy habits in your eating, exercise, and mindset. You may be making mistakes that sabotage a healthy happy life.

In today’s post I want to share five common mistakes I see people make in an effort to improve their health. While their intentions are good, these thoughts and behaviors actually sabotage a healthy happy life. Not to worry though, you can easily turn your good intentions into radiant success with my suggestions.

Mistakes That Sabotage Health

1. You’re interested but not committed.

This is such an easy mistake to make because we’re all interested in better health, right? Maybe you follow some health gurus online or you’ve bought some clean eating books. You tried the techniques or the recipes and nothing stuck. By the end of the month you forgot about your plan, you’re back to your old habits, and you can’t figure out why you just don’t make any progress. You think maybe a different book or teacher is the answer so you start following another plan and that fails too. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. We’ve all made this mistake at one time or another.

The thing you need to realize is that you need to have a burning desire to make a change in your life or it just won’t happen. Think about the reasons WHY you want to be healthy and happy. Write your reasons down and post them where you can see them often. Join a support group like my free Healthy Happy Souls group to help you stay committed to your goals.

2. You buy into the hype that there is only one right way to be healthy.

Every health guru has their own opinions about what works because they know what worked for them. Take a look at all the different eating plans and diets from paleo to vegetarian to raw foods. They all exist because they do work but they don’t all work for everyone. The same goes for exercise. Your body is unique to you so your health plan should be also.

Here’s what I suggest. Want to try that new eating plan that’s trending on instagram? Go ahead and try it (after research of course). Take notes on how your body feels while doing this plan. How is your energy, your mood, your skin, etc? If all is well, continue or modify the plan to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

3. You micro manage the details.

You’ve seen people who obsess over every pound and maybe you’ve even done it yourself. Imagine someone counting out every calorie they consume, weighing in every day, or putting in an extra workout in the evening because they ate a brownie earlier in the day. While it might seem like monitoring and tightly controlling all the details of your health routine is a good idea, it’s really a road to misery. I’ll tell you why – because good health is a result of averages. One bad meal won’t ruin your health just like one good meal (or juice) won’t fix it. Everyone’s weight fluctuates throughout the day, week, and month, so micro managing the details won’t do you any good. In fact, when you tie your happiness to such small increments your moods will constantly go up and down like a yo-yo. It will stress you out and that will cause more harm than good.

Try this. Give yourself some space to enjoy the process. Aim for goals that are doable and not outrageous. Add some fun to your daily routine in the form of a hobby or activity you love. Then check in and assess your overall week. One thing I know for sure – people who follow their joy and passion have less stress and find it easier to lose weight, be happy and get healthy.

4. You deprive yourself of your favorite foods.

This mistake goes along with number three. When you intentionally deny yourself the things you enjoy, your mind goes into overtime trying to figure out a way to get it. Have you noticed that? Then what usually happens is you end up binging and feeling miserable afterward. Healthy eating and living is all about balance.

So how about a compromise? Seek out healthier versions of your favorite foods. For instance if you love chocolate, try this Chocolate Spinach Smoothie, which is much better for your than a chocolate milkshake. As you move into an overall healthier lifestyle you may find that your tastes change and you begin craving healthier foods. It gets easier!

5. You insist on pushing through stress.

If you look at the motivational messages about achieving success, much of it is based on working hard and pushing through any obstacles which get in your way. While there is some merit to being persistent and challenging yourself to do better, this way of thinking can lead to reckless behavior because it glorifies competition and stress. Remember, there is no one right way for everyone and your tolerance levels to stress may be different than your friends.

Instead of over-achieving when you feel stressed out, what if you simply took 30 minutes to relax. Sit and meditate, have a cup of tea or go for a leisurely walk. Let the stress pass through your system and you will think more clearly, feel happier, and ultimately be more productive.

Let the Good Vibes Flow

There is a happy balance in life for everyone. It may take some time to find yours, but don’t give up. Keep trying new ways to incorporate more good into your life, while letting go of ideas and rules that don’t work for you. So what have you learned about making your health routine successful? Share below.