7 Day Conscious Creation Challenge

How to call in what you want and get it

CONNECT to the true you who is powerful beyond measure

Gain CLARITY on the unique expression of the life you desire

Feel more CONFIDENT to take the first step and actually make your dreams happen

Do any of these sound familiar?



You take massive action every day but you’re getting tired of not having the things you desire in your life.



You think that good things can’t happen to you because you’re broken, flawed, or unlucky. 


No one understands or supports me!

You feel worn down by your circumstances and the people around you.

What if I told you that…

You can create anything with relative ease, and feel supported in doing so.

So if you ever wanted to…

Move to a new city 

Start a business based on your passion

Open space in your life for a healthy relationship

Travel the world and learn about other cultures

Write a book or create something that feels big

…you can consciously create it. I’ll show you how.

What you’ll get during our 7 days together

A LIVE video training each day to help you raise your energy and gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to get what you want.
A simple daily exercise you can embody to shift the energy block and start manifesting NOW!
 A conscious and connected Facebook Community of awakening souls supporting you every step of the way!

Hi! I’m your Connection Coach Carey Avalon.  Over the years I’ve manifested more than one book publishing deal, more than one soul mate relationship, several art licensing offers, and more! I want to share my method with you so you can be a Wayshower, to help liberate the world from feelings of low self worth and lack. You can raise the vibration of the planet by first turning inward and raising your own vibration. Who says you can’t have a little fun while doing so! Won’t you join us?

What Others Say

Carey’s very intuitive and plugged in. It’s a fascinating process and she brings all of herself to it. I know I will continue to come back to this information and my new awareness of my purpose and my path. Madeleine E.

Carey’s challenge has a beautiful and very gentle way of reminding me that it all starts within. I have already seen a shift from day 2 on this challnge and it really has shown me how Connection to yourself first is always the key to life itself! Carey is an excellent connection guide with SO much love to give as well, and you will FEEL it so much just by watching her videos! I am forever grateful for her beautiful and warm energy and the help I’ve received from her so far. Phylicia C.

What I like about working with Carey is, she helps get to the root of an issue, which also facilitates the steps I can take to heal it. She is gentle and compassionate. Also, the answers are usually something I can do, and she honors my own intubation which is very important to me.  Sophia S.

Ready to get started?

The Conscious Creation Challenge starts in:








Don’t miss out!

Join me for a week of divine soul connection and embodiment. Start getting what you want!

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7 Day Conscious Creation Challenge

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