50 Ways to Clear Space for Joy and Abundance

As I write this blog post this morning I have already prepared breakfast and lunch, taken my son to school, fed the pets and walked…

As I write this blog post this morning I have already prepared breakfast and lunch, taken my son to school, fed the pets and walked them, instant messaged with a client, read and responded to some emails, taken a phone call, and created some social media posts. I’ve probably done more but that’s all I can remember right now.

I’m exhausted before noon and I’m sure you often feel the same.

Life is constantly moving. Energy is everywhere. 

Information, ideas, people and even objects (smartphones) relentlessly demand your attention. You, being a smart, sensitive seeker feel this every day and sometimes the world can just be overwhelming.

It’s not your fault. Really it’s not the fault of technology or advances in culture either, at least not intentionally. These things that are designed to make our lives easier often end up ruling us and keeping us from the thriving, joyful and abundant life we desire.

Even your own mind betrays you because it is constantly on the lookout for danger and obstacles in order to keep you safe. Hardly fertile ground for peaceful loving thoughts. And so you find yourself amidst this chaos, building momentum into a state of stress trying to deal with it all.

But what if you just let it go? What if you released all the elements (things, ideas, people, commitments) that keep you from experiencing joy and abundance? By doing so you literally clear space for new and better opportunities to appear.

Time to clear space.

Clearing space in your life is all about breaking up stuck energy or slowing down and changing the direction of energy that has negative momentum. You can clear space in your mind, body, soul, and your environment.

It’s easier than you might think and even the smallest act of clearing space can have a big impact on your success. The following tips are practical, easy and effective for helping you feel more at ease and peaceful in your life. These higher vibrations of peace, love and joy are the fertile ground you need to manifest everything you desire.

50 Ways to Clear Space for Joy and Abundance

  1. have a good cry
  2. clean out one drawer or closet
  3. delete old emails
  4. unsubscribe from shopping emails
  5. make a decision
  6. say no to projects that don’t excite you
  7. meditate
  8. take a walk
  9. listen to a brain entrainment audio
  10. make your bed
  11. take a social media break
  12. turn off tv/computers after 9pm
  13. clean out the refrigerator
  14. turn off notifications on your phone
  15. take a nap
  16. start a Kanban board for your to-do list
  17. stop and just be – breathe, listen, and flow
  18. spray your home with an essential oil mist
  19. clean your dishes after every meal
  20. use paper plates for a week
  21. finish a project you’ve started
  22. make that phone call
  23. let go of a draining relationship
  24. forgive another
  25. forgive yourself
  26. hold a yard sale
  27. make something
  28. say “I release (obstacle) from my life now”
  29. say “I invoke (dream) into my life now”
  30. take 3 deep, cleansing breaths
  31. drink hot water with lemon upon waking
  32. do a juice cleanse
  33. rearrange your furniture
  34. close accounts you no longer use
  35. accept everything as perfect
  36. write down your worries and put them in a box
  37. wash your car
  38. practice silence
  39. take a bath
  40. face the sun or the ocean and open your arms
  41. think about something that makes you feel good
  42. throw away expired foods and medicine
  43. practice yoga
  44. clear blocks in your schedule for future clients, dates or fun
  45. sweep
  46. color in an adult coloring book
  47. clear energy with crystals or sage
  48. sweat
  49. perform a letting go ritual
  50. return something you’ve borrowed

Which of these ideas will you try? How do you clear space in your life? Share in the comments below.

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