Awaken to love!


It’s time to liberate your soul and experience all the love that is available to you.

meet Carey

Artist, author, maker, mom, green juicer, and your go-to-gal for love, connection, and healing.

Hello dear souls! I am Carey Avalon — Love and Connection Coach and founder of the Awaken to Love brand. I guide women through the process of healing their hearts so they can open up and receive all the love that is meant for them. It’s my mission to help others see their self worth and rise up to claim it.

To remember who they are.
To connect to their inner truth.
To let love flow through them and for them.
And to live their lives in the full expression of an open heart that knows no limits.

When you know your worth and love yourself you show up differently in the world and in your relationships because you already have EVERYTHING you need. You get to enjoy life and enjoy the partners that life brings you.

I want more women loving every part of themselves.
I want more women feeling naturally confident and TAKING UP SPACE.
I want more women to feel the pleasure of relaxing and receiving, KNOWING that they are fully supported.
I want more women creating lives that truly light them up.


The Magic of Connection

There is a deep calling in the world right now for more love, harmony, peace, forgiveness, and liberation. Billions of people see themselves as separate from each other, alone, afraid, and dismayed. Feelings of unworthiness have become an epidemic.

Many of us however, sense there is something more available to us and if you’re one of these sensitive souls seeking answers, longing to connect to something greater than yourself and find peace, you’re in the right place.

Connection IS the answer. When we first learn to connect to our own inner self and offer unconditional love to ourselves we can then see the beauty in the world and dissolve the need for conflict and pain.

You are naturally radiant. There is nothing wrong with you that needs to be fixed. Tap into the love within, heal the wounds that have you believe you are separate, and let your truth radiate into the world. As you do you will transform your relationships and inspire others to heal as well.

Learn how to heal and raise your vibration with me.

the process

Shadow work

Mapping out your emotional history and patterns beginning with your early relationship to your parents and going back through family generations. We’ll learn when your emotional wounds occurred and how they taught you to disconnect from the love within yourself, which leads to recreating the same patterns in your life.


Reconnecting and rebalancing the parts of yourself that you’ve hidden because you haven’t felt safe to express yourself due to emotional wounding. This helps you feel whole and complete so you have the self trust and confidence to be fully available emotionally, creatively, and romantically – which means you’ll be open to which means you’ll be open to attract someone who is fully available too.


Amplifying the love and peace within you and reconditioning you to feel safe as you practice raising your energy and opening your heart to give and receive love. We need to practice doing this consciously because you’ve been running unconscious patterns for so long. This is about setting clear intentions for who you want to be, how you want to show up, and who/what you want to attract in your life..

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