Manifest Some Magic

Raise your vibe and call in your desires!

Calling all…

Sensitive Souls
Twin Flames

Anyone seeking peace, joy, and healing while waking up to their Divine Essence and purpose on this planet!

The Mission

At the core within each of us lies a desire to be happy. Whether we know it or not we are on a mission to find our way home back to God. The separation can feel unbearable at times but it is only an illusion. On this human journey we must remember that the happiness we seek, the light and love of God is within each of us. We must learn to align ourselves with this truth.

We are all on this journey together. The energy on Earth is shifting as we are all beginning to wake up and realize that we are all Divine beings full of light and love. If you found this page then you have been called to heal the illusion within yourself and others to create Heaven on Earth. I am here to assist you as you learn to love yourself, express your gifts, and heal the planet.

Life Has the Meaning You Give it…

and most of us were taught to look outside of ourselves to find meaning and joy in life.

I would like to invite you to choose your own path and meaning of life based on the desires and calling of your SOUL.

Bring Heaven to Earth

Your SOUL is HAPPY when you:

Follow Your Joy
Treat Yourself with Care
Offer Service to Others
Open Your Heart
See Yourself as Divine
Shine Your Light

Observation of Energy is the Key to…

Your Spiritual Awakening
Removing Blocks
Creating More Happiness
Healing Yourself
Speaking Your Truth
Bringing More Love into Your Life

Where Do You Desire More Happiness?

Looking for your purpose in life? Access your unique way of expressing joy and find your mission.

Are you on the Twin Flame journey? Learn how to tap into Divine love in your relationships.

Feeling the symptoms of ascension? Learn how to work with your energy and awaken your potential.

Your Mentor

Carey Avalon is a highly sensitive soul who sees the beauty, possibilities, and interconnectedness of worlds seen and unseen. Her purpose in life is to include herself and her higher power to reach enlightenment in this lifetime and help others do the same. Carey can help you raise your vibe and connect to Divine Love through Law of Attraction, Body Cleansing, Dream Work and more!

Manifest Your Desires

Learn five ways to get into a positive energy flow so you can create magical moments any time you desire.

Manifest Your Desires

Happy Awakened Clients

“I’d been struggling for years to find my purpose in life after turning 50. The usual methods I’d used in the past just did not reach the level of where my joy was residing. Working with Carey, I discovered an even more meaningful life purpose and work purpose and my happiness and ‘at peace’ has been restored and renewed. She pointed out personal gifts I was unaware that I was taking for granted. I am filled with joy, energy, and direction because of her unique talents.”

Lori Zurcher


“Carey’s very intuitive and plugged in. She really notices the details of what’s around her. And she’s also really masterful at business and marketing. So while we were diving into this deep soul discussion, she was also giving me lots of ideas for my business… It’s a fascinating process and she brings all of herself to it. I know I will continue to come back to this information and my new awareness of my purpose and my path.”

Madeleine Eno